Valaxy has introduced certain project ideas in DevOps for beginners to learn and develop from the basic level of project integration

>Indepth project analysis

>Project end to end life cycle execution

>Structured by our industry experts with real-time scenarios

>Access to different tools in the industry

>Explore the tools and techniques in the DevOps platform

>Project-related mock interviews

>Brief overview and solution of day to day project execution and challenges   

Example of a Project Summary

  1. Create a Java Microservice (Twitter service which will pull the latest trending news in a particular region)
  2. Create and Configure Jenkins Cluster by using master and slave Jenkins
  3. Build the microservice using maven Install and configure Docker
  4. Create a docker image of the microservice 
  5. Store the docker image in the Docker repository.
  6. Execute the Sonar analysis of the microservice 
  7. Create and configure the Kubernetes cluster 
  8. Create Kubernetes manifest files
  9.  Create Kubernetes PODs, Deployments, Replicasets, and Services Integrate the Microservice with Kubernetes manifest files.
  10. Deploy the Kubernetes manifests 
  11. Create Kubernetes Probes and do the Health Checks.
  12. Use Lens to monitor the Kubernetes cluster and Kubernetes objects

( DevOps real-time project Duration: 12 hrs, Only on Weekends)